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  • N.T. Wright
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  • 14 May 2020
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N.T. Wright º 0 Free download Simply Good News Free read È 0 Good News he takes us back in time to reveal how the people of the first century the gospel’s original audience would have received Jesus’ message He offer a clear and thoughtful analysis of what the “good news” really is and applies it to our lives today revealing its power to transform. Perspective changingI really liked Wright s emphasis on the lesser thought about lesser presented aspects of the Gospel Very enlightening read will check out some of the author s other books sometime

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Simply Good News

N.T. Wright º 0 Free download Simply Good News Free read È 0 Een around for 2000 years what makes it significant today What’s so “good” about stories involving damnation violence and a God who sacrifices his only sonNoted Bible scholar NT Wright shows us how Christians today have lost sight of what the “good news” of the gospel really is In Simply. This may possibly be my favourite book by NT Wright so far It is closest in my eyes to Surprised by Hope As in that book Wright is dealing with a topic that while basic to Christianity is often misinterpreted and misunderstood In this book while dealing with the Good News or Gospel Wright is excellent He rather gently points out the false gospels of the world as well as the incomplete gospels that can be embraced by well meaning Christians myself included Unusual for Wright this particular book was fairly easy to read so I can actually recommend it to a much wider audience than normal I had hoped that this would be a 5 star book but alas it was not Similar to Surprised by Hope Wright never seems to complete what he has started Thus he has helped with the intellectual articulation of what the Gospel really is he provides little or no help in how this Gospel can best be communicated in the world we live in Similarly while outlining where typical Christian views of the second coming are faulty he completely neglects any articulation of what the second coming actually stands for or any view of the end times On the other hand his final chapter on praying the Gospel was a wonderful end to the book and should be helpful to the spiritual growth of any Christian who wants this

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N.T. Wright º 0 Free download Simply Good News Free read È 0 The bishop Bible scholar modern heir to C S Lewis and revered author of Simply Christian and Simply Jesus offers a fresh look at the Gospel explaining why Jesus’ message is “good news” and why it is timely and transforming today than we knowThe Gospel means good news But if the message has b. This is a gospel book in the mold of What is the Gospel The King Jesus Gospel The World Tilting Gospel and others While I have some reservations about this book I do believe this is the best of the few that I ve read because Wright has some out of the ordinary kinds of things to say All the writers agree that the gospel is good news but the uestion is what that meansWhere Gilbert confuses the gospel with salvation as McKnight says it is a de storified gospel Wright builds the story in ways that none of the others do But McKnight falls short in delivering a satisfactory storification of the gospel Dan Phillips in The World Tilting Gospel provides the story but it doesn t really pack the punch that Wright offers Wright has a deeper richer biblical theological understanding of the Old Testament and the New Covenant fulfillment in Christ and is therefore able to take his readers deeper challenging us to think new thoughts and engaging his readers in ways Phillips simply cannot doWright begins with many of the same concerns that McKnight has with the way Christians have articulated the gospel Wright argues that In many churches the good news has subtly changed into good advice As Wright himself says there s nothing wrong with good advice But it isn t the same thing as news p 4 For Wright the gospel must be news Something had happened Something would happen And in between something powerful and mysterious was happening in the lives of all those who found themselves caught up in it If we want to recapture the dynamic of the original early Christian gospel we need to recapture this triple vision and to see in particular what this tells us about the meaning of the word God p 34Wright defines this good news The good news is about the living God overcoming all the powers of the world to establish his rule of justice and peace on earth as in heaven Not in heaven later on And that victory is won not by superior power of the same kind but by a different sort of power altogether p43 Or simply The good news is that the one true God has now taken charge of the world in and through Jesus and his death and resurrection p 56Now I expect that this is where Gilbert and others like him get hung up for this is simply not a sufficiently systematic presentation of the gospel which must say something about sin and the need for salvation from God s wrath against it Gilbert What is the Gospel p 17 But this is precisely where Gilbert goes awry confusing the gospel with soteriology But Wright is clear that the gospel is much bigger than that including the restoration and transformation of all creation p 71 and is much like a coronation than a sacrifice p 72Wright is also clear that it does also include the soteriology including Jesus died for me it must include that but it is not only that Now to many this may seem to be nit picky or contentious but the rest of the book demonstrates that if we don t properly define the gospel the power of the gospel is diminished This is where Gilbert s What is the Gospel falls flat His chapter The Power of the Gospel is seven pages long and has little to say beyond believe the gospel and speak the gospel Again the problem here is not what is said but rather what isn t said Gilbert s gospel isn t powerful enough for him to confidently say things like the living God is indeed establishing his kingdom on earth as in heaven through the finished work of Jesus and is inviting people of all sorts to share not only in the benefits of this kingdom but also in the work through which it will come to its ultimate completion Wright p 164 Wright has much to say of course Fortunately this is one of Wright s shorter books where his editors have an incentive to reduce rather than increase Wright s page count Wright riffs on the distinction between the final vision of the Christian gospel as going to heaven when you die versus the rescue and renewal of the whole creation p 90 Again the truncated pietistic gospel doesn t have such a holistic vision This answers the compelling human need for meaning in this life for vocation If God s kingdom has begun this gives new meaning to what we do on earth in the here and now It is at this point that Wright takes a chapter to expound upon the future He knows that if we do not properly understand what the Bible says about the future that we will not live biblically in the present Chapter 6 Wrong Future Wrong Present is about understanding what so many believe to be predictions of final punishment in the New Testament instead a majority of the sayings do not mean what people have assumed they mean p 109Wright is opposing those in the church that shrug their shoulders and say there s nothign we can do to make the world a better place until Jesus returns That All we can do is alleviate some of the worst evils and look after those who are suffering As Wright says This simply ignores the New Testament s emphasis Instead he reminds us that The risen Jesus already claims all authority in heaven and on earth p 114Wright argues that we can and must learn from the early church that real and lasting change is costly the basic victory has been won on the cross p 117 As Jesus states of the church the gates of hell shall not prevail against it Matt 1618 It is the church that is on the offense with hell on the defensive Wright understands this and wants to help the church rememberWright concludes with a chapter on the Lord s Prayer showing how following Jesus words help us properly orient ourselves to our world The prayer begins May your kingdom come may your will be done on earth as in heaven God is re making earth and he has told us to pray and labor for this now not just for a final victorious act at the end of historyIt is here at the end that Wright offers his final definition of the gospelThe good news is that the living God is indeed establishing his kingdom on earth as in heaven through the finished work of Jesus and is inviting people of all sorts to share not only in the benefits of this kingdom but also in the work through which it will come to its ultimate completion p 164The result of this fuller gospel vision will be God centered prayers for God s kingdom that replace our self centered prayers for help for rescue for forgiveness and for bread For our prayers will begin with God s kingdom and allowing God himself to reshape what that means p 161