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My Secret Revealed Summary ¾ 0 This is an extremely intensive true life story It is honest real and raw It tells of teenage experiences and the experiences of a woman who became a woman when she should still have been a child with all the scars it left behind It speaks of torment and tragedy; and how her life was turned upside down by an article in a magazine It is the story of an indomitable spirit and the heartbreak and joy of a life This is a book about being.

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My Secret Revealed Summary ¾ 0 Bipolar and coping with it among people who could not understand the disorder and the complications thereof It is about her trauma and all the different therapies for bipolar that ordinary people know little or nothing about It is about the life love and the compassion of a woman who by the love and grace of God ended up as the victor rather than the victim She says There are a few things that I have learned; we all have some negati.

Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Wendy Leone Cretten

My Secret Revealed Summary ¾ 0 Ve self limiting beliefs that we carry around with us concerning certain things like relationships marriage and our weight to name just a few There are ALWAYS two choices in life; there is always a negative and a positive We really have to become aware of the fact that we are the architects of our own life and destiny Please read this book as if you are a friend sharing a cup of coffee and chatting with me while sitting on the couch.

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