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  • What the Waves Know
  • Tamara Valentine
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  • 15 October 2020
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Summary ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Tamara Valentine Free download ó What the Waves Know ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ing her father disappeared– taking her words with himEight years later in the autumn of 1974 Iz’s mother is through with social workers psychiatrists and her daughter's silence In one last attempt to return Iz's voice the pair board the ferry back to Tillings in hopes that confronting the past will help Izabella heal herself and begin to piece together the splintered memories of the day her words ran dry But heartbreak is a difficult puzzle to solve– and truth is elusive where magic and. I really like this book A young girl Iz struggles to remember and make sense of the night her father who is mentally ill disappeared and come to terms with the fact that it was her words that sent him into the night She hasn t spoken since and her relationship with her mother is strained Together they go back to the home on Tillings Island where it all happened to try to stitch together a path forward Heart breaking and healing

Free download What the Waves Know

What the Waves Know

Summary ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Tamara Valentine Free download ó What the Waves Know ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Madness collide When the residents of Tillings greet them with a standoffish welcome it becomes clear that they know something about Izabella's dreamer of a father that she does not Now as the island's annual Yemayá festival prepares to celebrate the ties that bind mothers to children lovers to each other and humankind to the sea Izabella must unravel the tangled threads of her own story and reclaim a voice gone silent or risk losing herself and any chance she may have for a future to the pas. Izabella Rae Haywood adores her father who she says is one eighth Narragansett Indian and seven eights mystery He takes her to Tillings Island where he has roots They fish together and share a deep bond But her parents argue and On her sixth birthday after the fighting mounts her childish frustration she screams at him I hate you I wish you would just go away Believing she has somehow invoked her birthday wish she blames herself when he does leave She can no longer speakThe trauma caused by the loss of her beloved father has rendered her silentShe is weakened by her muteness ostracized by her peers misunderstood and fearful Eight years pass and despite the intervention of therapists counselors social workers and psychiatrists Izabella s silence continuesIn 1974 on the occasion of Isabel s fourteenth birthday her mother presents her with a Shar Pei puppy which she names Luke and resorts to desperate measures to restore her voice In an attempt to get to the causes of Izabella s muteness they return to Tillings Island where her father disappeared They encounter island folk who seem to know than they are saying Like her father the island is shrouded in mystery and magic But it is here where her father was last seen that she hopes to gain an understanding of why she is mute and also to understand her relationships with those she loves the most What will this tiny island revealOnce ensconced on the island Izabella makes friends and enemies that turn into friends She comes to understand that words have power and meaning and that the tone in which they are delivered is a communication all its ownShe meets Remy a woman who knows her mother and remembers her father Though an adult Remy is a kindred spirit to Izabella and helps her to come to terms with her guilt and teenage angst As Remy enlists their help to prepare for the October Festival of Yemaya events conspire to bring forth Izabella s recollection of that fateful night when her father leftUnlike real life fiction is one place where it is simple to listen to the mute We have the advantage of hearing Izabella s thoughts We yearn for her to speak and to understand the trauma that led to her years of silence We come to understand that trauma when she does through her memoriesA well rendered debut novel with vivid imagery and characters that will be hard to forget A slower paced yet thought provoking story that speaks to the elusiveness of memory and the destructive force of memory to both heal and torment It is a story of the mentally ill and how their illness has the ability to ripple out to others in their lives Especially the children of the mentally illA novel of loss memory mothers and daughters loneliness and about how we judge others often without a full understanding to base our judgement uponThanks to William MorrowHarperCollinsPublishers via Edelweiss for providing me with an uncorrected digital ARC of this novel in exchange for my unbiased review

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Summary ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Tamara Valentine Free download ó What the Waves Know ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In the graceful narrative tradition of Sue Monk Kidd and Beth Hoffman comes an exuisite debut novel about a young woman's uest to reclaim herself and the voice she left behind on the gritty New England island where she lost bothNineteen miles off the rocky Rhode Island coast lies the tiny isle of Tillings and the memory of Izabella Rae Haywood's sixth birthday– when her universe reeled sharply off course Tucked deep in her pocket Iz carries a small amber seastone and the secret of the even. Departing is when all the tiny pieces that make you whole spring away from you like a big fat touch me not and get lost in the grass beyond any hope of coming back together It is the very moment when all your stories tumble from you and you are reduced again to the weakest for of to be in the universe leaving nothing to do but begin again p 18I worry that there is a school of writing that says that having a child protagonist makes the story easier to tell and helps the readers be sympathetic to the account There are times that this works extremely well Many of us love Scout To Kill a Mockingbird or have met and enjoyed Flavia de Luce The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie or Bee in Where d You Go Bernadette However I am not sure that a young narrator is always helpful to moving a story forward There are things that a child or young adult cannot know because they don t have the life experience I was worried that What the Waves Know was going to be a struggle because Izabella would not be able to carry the weight of her story I have read other novels with young characters that have not worked very wellI should not have worried Izabella is unable to speak but she made her life and its changes very clear to this reader Not only is she clear but she tells her story in such a way that I was engaged and wanted to know how it all worked outThis is a first novel Valentine does an excellent job and I look forward to her next story I suspect she will grow into an author that many people will want to readThank you to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for introducing me to both Tamara Valentine and her interesting characters